Holy Noga Classico


Holy Noga Classico with Cranberries and Amarena Cherries

Nutrition information

Energy 1659 / Calories 392 / Fats 11,89g / Saturated fats 1,35g / Carbohydrate 65,33g / Sugar 54g / Protein 4,51g / Salt 0,17g


Sugar, Almonds, Cranberries, Honey, Glucose syrup, Protein, cocoa butter, Oranges, Salt, Powdered Sugar, Amarena Cherry, eatable paper.


Cacao, Almond, Sulfites, Egg

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Why choose Classico from Holy Noga? We call it Classico because it has the most basic flavors and it has a fresher taste because of the fruit inside. The cranberries make it fruity while the Amarena cherry give it that round forest flavor. Together with the base nougat wich contains oranges and honey with roasted nuts, makes this nougat our Classico. Do you dare to try out this dangerously tasty starter?

Extra informatie

Gewicht150 g
Afmetingen18 × 2 × 6 cm


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