Every Business Needs Quality Handmade Soft Italian Nougat – Holy Noga




Why Would You Choose Holy Noga?

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As an entrepeneur in producing handmade quality products like our Holy Noga label, we understand the importance to keep customers interested in your store. We believe we contribute by adding a value to Holy Noga nougat in a way it suits every individual. 

Everytime a customer comes back to your store and sees a shelf filled with good products like our Holy Noga nougat for example, it builds trust. Trust is a key foundation for your customer to keep returning, without sustainable products the customer count is reducing, if you want this or not. 

 Changing your products once in a while can keep the customer interested but it’s five times harder to attract a new customer then to keep an excisting one. So how to do you attract new customers and keep your core customer ?

We Believe The Answer Is Not Found In One Solution But We Try To Make A Difference While We Think About It. 

– Expecting a different result while keeping the same approach is the core definition of insanity –

Our Solution To Your Problems


Holy Noga aims to be genuine in the communication about what our product is and what we stand for. 

A Soft Italian Nougat filled with honey and nuts is just an example on how to refocus the mind of a customer. We all expect something when we see a product, how it’s going to taste. We are not only concerned with our Holy Noga but we occasionally put you in the spotlight of attention.

Attention is something everyone needs, even if they think they don’t want it, it surrounds you. In our daily lives we are surrounded by mobile activity, every year new social apps rise and fall. We incorporate our ability to use various social media channels to highlight your purchase or store. The main reason is that when your customer is online and is out of ideas, they see a fun, non-demanding-to-buy-anything, post appear. It catches their interest to pursuade the thought of passing by in the next couple of days to see what else you got for them. We are happy to do this and it’s totally free of charge.

 Believing in cooperation between entrepeneurs is not a choice but a necessity.