Holy Noga consist of two hard working people who infuse their passion and good ingredients into a bar of nougat. Our focus is not to sell you as many products as we can, it’s the way you spend your free time with us.

We have noticed that using good quality bee honey and raw roasted nuts is the best way to go for us. Buying quality products helps sustain nature.


Our electricity comes from Dutch windmills so we contribute on development for a better nature friendly electricity. The moment it became available to us we’ve cut off our gas.


When producing nougat there are various ways to make a batch of that tasty stuff. We think about nature when producing and running our business. Making money and destroying nature is not our way.


Italian torrone (Holy Noga) is pronounced like this because of the way it is made.  We show passion, love, handcraft, and empathy in our entrepeneurship. So we guess you can say we are 100% true to the way Italians made it. Running a business is living a business. There is no moment of rest if you decide to start one. The beauty of it ? It doesn’t feel like working.

Always Exploring New Ideas and Flavors

We are always on the look for new flavors and ideas. When an entrepeneur asks us to make a special kind of flavor, we can! To find out what we made you’ll have to check out our media channels. There is so much to read ! 

Don’t hesitate to scan our whole site for special offers or cool stories.